Investment Management

A Quantitative Approach to Asset Allocation Industry-Leading
Technical Investment Research

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Our use of a combination of fundamental and technical analysis makes us unique. This analytical approach is supported by a long list of sound academic research studies and white papers that find value stocks outperform growth and those with higher positive momentum outperform those with a lower relative strength. On the surface this seems elementary but in practice identifying the best candidates is challenging.

Investing Based on Rules

The fundamental goal of our management approach is to be disciplined, methodical, and effective. We utilize trading software that generates buy-sell signals based on back-tested rules. By utilizing this rules-based approach we distinguish ourselves as being unique. We strive to grow and protect your capital by being systematic and consistent through the use of a process that is repeatable and reliable.

Minimize Risk to Maximize Freedom

We strive to minimize your risks as a client to help you remain worry-free. That is why we only invest in highly liquid securities so your money can be there when you need it. We steer away from high-risk investments with lower returns and high capital requirements. We focus on positions with a strong historical track record to help grow your portfolio without unnecessary volatility.

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